Cenyx Biotech Inc. is a biotech company that uses the latest knowledge of nanocatalytic medicine, an exciting and emerging field of biomedicine, to develop diagnostic and therapeutic nanocompounds: nanozymes and nanoparticles.



The mission of Cenyx Biotech Inc. is to contribute to

the health and prosperity of mankind by

introducing nanozymes and new nanoparticles to the world.



Nanozymes are medical nanoparticles that are not produced by the body; they are substitutes for enzymes that maximize the activity of those enzymes in the body. Nanozymes can be designed for the type, composition, ratio, binding status, and additive of nanoparticles, according to the therapeutic effects required to treat the target disease. Thus, the nanozymes most suitable for each disease can be produced in various ways.

Inorganic nanoparticles can give new biological and medical contrast effects suitable for imaging devices such as CT, MRI, and PET. Accordingly, nanoparticle contrast agent overcome many side effects of conventional contrast agent and can be expected to give the most suitable image effect for the target disease.



Cenyx Biotech Inc. possesses a pipeline of nanozymes and various nanocompounds, and continues to develop new nanomaterials. For clinical research and material development, the company operates a research facility at the Seoul National University Hospital Biomedical Research Institute to conduct research and development in collaboration with Korea's top-notch scientists. Our established infrastructure enables us to identify unmet demands at clinical sites and immediately develop new materials to meet those needs.


Our pipeline provides new medicines for rare or fatal diseases, such as autoinflammatory diseases and subarachnoid hemorrhage, which do not have clear, established therapeutics. Thus, it will have great marketability and value if the NDA is approved.


Our team enter the clinical trials based on R&D results in a short time, by immediately working with leading international CROs and CMOs. We also obtain IND approval quickly in the United States, Europe, and Australia, etc. In principle, most new drugs should be designated as rare and innovative medicines and then processed. We plan for Phase 3 clinical trials to proceed in collaboration with various overseas investment partners and pharmaceutical companies.